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Technical Information

PermaTimber® Brochures
Get inspired! Learn more about the PermaTimber® Range and browse resources below.

PermaTimber® Brochures

Decking Installation Guide

140 Fineline Decking Installation Guide

140 Fineline Decking Datasheet

146 Heavy Grain Decking Datasheet

225 Decking Datasheet

295 Decking Datasheet

Adjustable Pedestal Decking Subframe

Decking Range Product Specifications

146mm Decking Heavy Grain P5 Slip Rating

146mm Decking Sanded P5 Slip Rating

225mm Decking Reeded P5 Slip Rating

QuickBoard™ Brochures

QuickBoard™ VJ & QuickBoard™ Castellated Information

Bunnings QuickBoard™ Special Order Brochure

QuickBoard™ VJ 2.7m Datasheet

QuickBoard™ VJ 4.8m Datasheet

QuickBoard™ Convex40 Datasheet

QuickBoard™ Wave22.5 Datasheet

QuickBoard™ Wave45 Datasheet

QuickBoard™ VJ-Crown Reversible Datasheet

QuickBoard™ Castellated 2.7m Datasheet

QuickBoard™ Castellated 4.8m Datasheet

DriftBoard™ Brochures

DriftBoard™ Datasheet

DriftBoard™ Poster