PermaStruct® Boardwalks

PermaStruct® Boardwalks

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– Ideal for heritage areas
– Durable
– Hard wearing
– Easy to install
– Will not rust, rot or corrode
– Can be custom manufactured to size

Constructed from high-quality PermaStruct® FRP, PermaStruct® Boardwalks provide a low maintenance and durable alternative to traditional materials. Custom designed to suit any environment or application, a variety of textures, materials and colours are available to ensure each design is unique.

PermaStruct® can provide a non-invasive foundation technique when installing. This makes the boardwalks ideal for use in heritage areas. By using the trademark Diamond Piers foundation installation occurs without affecting the surrounding areas.

Sizes & Colours

PermaStruct® FRP Grating is stocked in the following sizes and colours.

Please Note: PermaStruct® panel sizes may vary by +/- 3mm due to manufacturing tolerances. 

PermaStruct® FRP Grating can be custom manufactured for individual project specifications in a wide range of colours and sizes. 

Item Code ProductPanel Size (mm) Hole Size (mm)Mesh Size (mm)Panel Weight (kg)ColoursTypical Span (mm)Typical Application
G15Y15mm Standard Grating3660×615 32×32 38×38 21YellowNot Structural Roof Walkway
G25Y25mm Standard Grating 3660×1220 32×32 38×38 54Yellow600Pedestrian Walkways
G25G25mm Standard Grating 3660×1220 32×32 38×38 54Grey600Pedestrian Walkways
G25N25mm Standard Grating 3660×1220 32×32 38×38 54Green600Pedestrian Walkways
G38G 38mm Standard Grating 3660×1220 32×32 38×38 87Grey1000Pedestrian Walkways
G38Y 38mm Standard Grating 3660×1220 32×32 38×38 87Yellow1000Pedestrian Walkways
G38N 38mm Standard Grating 3660×1220 32×32 38×38 87Green1000Pedestrian Walkways
MIN21GP24021mm Mini Mesh3687×1247 12×1220×20 / 40×4069Grey650Boardwalks & Marine
MIN21DGP24021mm Mini Mesh3687×1247 12×1220×20 / 40×4069Dark Grey650Boardwalks & Marine
MIN21SP24021mm Mini Mesh3687×1247 12×1220×20 / 40×4069Sand650Boardwalks & Marine
MIN38G38mm Mini Mesh3687×1247 12×1220×20 / 40×40108Grey1200Boardwalks & Marine
MIC21SP24021mm Micro Mesh3687×12478×813×1370Sand650Boardwalks & Marine
MIC21GP24021mm Micro Mesh3687×12478×813×1370Grey650Boardwalks & Marine

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