FRP Substrate

FRP Substrate

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– Low maintenance
– High strength
– Corrosion resistant
– Long life span
– Waterproof
– High strength – weight ratio
– Lighter than traditional F27 timber

PermaStruct® Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Substrate has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio, obtaining a comparable or even better result when compared to the performance of F27 timber materials, with it also being 50% lighter per lineal metre, waterproof and corrosion proof.

Consisting of a mixture of fibreglass and resin, PermaStruct® FRP Substrate is not susceptible to white ants, water moisture or mould that many timber alternatives have a problem with. With it being a high flexural strength, mechanical failure is less of an issue for boardwalks, jetties, platforms, trench covers and much more.

PermaStruct® FRP Substrate is compliant with Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia (AS1145, AS1170, AS5100, AS1657), as well as being compliant with AS1530.3 – Early Fire Hazard Properties.

Types Of PermaStruct® FRP Substrate

Two Profile Shapes are available…

SHS Channel

53mm x 53mm x 3.6mm

C Channel

90mm x 53mm x 6mm

155mm x 53mm x 6.3mm

250mm x 63mm x 6.3mm

More information can be found at Brochure and Installation Guide Library.

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