FRP Anti-Slip Floor Plate

FRP Anti-Slip Floor Plate

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– Low maintenance
– Up to 60% lighter than steel
– Corrosion resistant
– Non-conductive and metallic
– High strength
– Slip-resistant
– Long life span

PermaStruct® FRP Anti-Slip Floor Plate with 4.8mm thickness is the ultimate industrial walking surface for a wide range of commercial applications. Featuring an anti-slip surface rated to the highest levels of slip resistance, it will not corrode and is far stronger, yet up to 60% lighter than traditional materials.

Consisting of a mixture of fibreglass and resin, it can be made into one piece panels or custom made to fit the unique shape of a floor. PermaStruct® FRP Anti-Slip Floor Plate is designed to enhance safety in challenging environments.


PermaStruct® FRP Anti-Slip Floor Plate range is not limited to the above size.

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