For all PermaTimber® Decking, Screening, Fencing, Cladding, and QuickBoard™ products

PermaTimber® is designed to provide years and years of enjoyment without the hassles of ongoing maintenance.

PermaTimber® products don’t require any staining, painting or oiling; only cleaning as required.

We’ve put together this care guide to help you keep your PermaTimber® looking sleek and perfect, no matter what life throws at it.

For PermaStruct® FRP products

PermaStruct® FRP can be used for a wide variety of commercial jobs in all fields, such as Mining, Construction Agriculture and Marine.

PermaStruct® FRP products require minimal care, with the care guide stating what you should do when the outside atmosphere is at play, such as snow, dirt or oil that attach to the FRP products.

We’ve put together this care guide to help you keep your PermaStruct® FRP products looking great for years on end, no matter what the harsh climate does.

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