Perma Fence™

Perma Fence™

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Versatile Installation: The unique panel system is a solution looking for a problem and can be utilised in various ways limited only by your imagination. A range of engineer certified fence configurations for your fencing problem are available to suit any location.
Stunning Looks: Perma Fence™ doesn’t have a bad side! It looks the same on both sides.
Sound Reducing: Tested to AS1191, Perma Fence™ has a reduction index of Rw 22.
Non-Corrosive & UV Stable: Perma Fence™ won’t rust or fade like steel fencing.
Easy Installation: Can easily be installed without extensive wastage of panel material.
Eco-Friendly: Perma Fence™ panels are made from 87% recycled materials. Perma Fence corner and support posts are made from non-rusting Aluminium.
Pet Proof: Perma Fence™ will keep your pets safe and secure.
With Perma Fence™ by PermaTimber®, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on.

Featuring a unique modular design and castellated profile, Perma Fence™ is set to revolutionise backyards across Australia.

Made from hard-wearing, durable composites it won’t rust or corrode and requires no ongoing maintenance. The fence panels join together without fixings using a unique slide and lock system, the result is a sleek seamless appearance.

Perma Fence™ by PermaTimber® is a registered design and patent-pending design, making it truly unique.

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The modular nature of Perma Fence™ means that it can be integrated into your garden landscape in many ways, such as…

As wall or walls to seamlessly integrate a garden shed or pump house into your backyard boundary fence.
As infill panels on a limestone, brick or stone fence.

Colours Available

Perma Fence™ is available in four contemporary colours.

French Oak



Spotted Gum

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