QuickBoard™ VJ-Crown Reversible

QuickBoard™ VJ-Crown Reversible

QuickBoard™ Ceiling & Wall Lining
• QuickBoard™ is a lightweight, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber linings.
• Made from PVC composite a lightweight, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber or MDF.

Key Features:
Versatile Installation: Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical layout, QuickBoard™ offers flexibility in design, ensuring a seamless fit for your unique space.
Easy Installation: QuickBoard™ simplifies the installation process with a seamless tongue and groove system. The provided clips secure the boards firmly, streamlining the setup.
Pre-Finished Excellence: Revel in the beauty of Semi-Gloss Antique White without the hassle of oiling, painting, or staining. QuickBoard™ arrives pre-finished, saving you time and effort.
Waterproof & Durable: Say goodbye to worries about swelling, rot, or interior mildew. QuickBoard™ guarantees a waterproof solution that withstands moisture, maintaining its quality over time.
Cost-Effective & Low Maintenance: Enjoy the cost-effectiveness of QuickBoard™. Its simple installation and zero ongoing maintenance make it a smart, budget-friendly choice.
Insect-Resistant: Bid farewell to concerns about pests. QuickBoard™ ensures resistance to white ants and termites, offering a durable solution for your space.
Customization Options: Available in Antique White, our profiles can also be painted with quality paint to suit your preferred colour palette.

QuickBoard™ Composite VJ-Crown Reversible Lining is available in Semi-Gloss Antique White and 2700mm length.

QuickBoard™ is available at selected Bunnings Warehouse stores.

Board Dimensions: 315 x 10 x 2700mm

Visible Width: 300mm

Maximum Span: 600mm

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