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QuickBoard™ Castellated

QuickBoard™ Castellated

Product Description

QuickBoard™ Ceiling & Wall Lining
• QuickBoard™ is a lightweight, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber linings.
• Made from PVC composite a lightweight, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber or MDF.


Key Features:

Versatile Installation: Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical layout, QuickBoard™ offers flexibility in design, ensuring a seamless fit for your unique space.

Easy Installation: QuickBoard™ simplifies the installation process with a seamless tongue and groove system. The provided clips secure the boards firmly, streamlining the setup.

Pre-Finished Excellence: Revel in the beauty of Light Ash, Tasmanian Oak, or Arctic White without the hassle of oiling, painting, or staining. QuickBoard™ arrives pre-finished, saving you time and effort.

Waterproof & Durable: Say goodbye to worries about swelling, rot, or interior mildew. QuickBoard™ guarantees a waterproof solution that withstands moisture, maintaining its quality over time.

Cost-Effective & Low Maintenance: Enjoy the cost-effectiveness of QuickBoard™. Its simple installation and zero ongoing maintenance make it a smart, budget-friendly choice.

Insect-Resistant: Bid farewell to concerns about pests. QuickBoard™ ensures resistance to white ants and termites, offering a durable solution for your space.

Sound Proofing: Up to 75% reduction in noise (AS1191)


QuickBoard™ Castellated is available in Light Ash, Tasmanian Oak, and Arctic White.

QuickBoard™ Castellated is available in 2700mm and 4800mm Lengths.

QuickBoard™ is available at selected Bunnings Warehouse and Bowens (VIC) stores.

QuickBoard Castellated wall and Ceiling Lining is available in three stunning colours.

All trims are available in 2.7m lengths.

Board Dimensions 225x 21 x 2700mm & 225 x 21 x 4800mm
Visible Width 210mm
Maximum Span 600mm

Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry