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Carnarvon Boardwalk – 225 Decking Mykonos

Carnarvon Boardwalk Decking Project

Over 300sqm of PermaTimber® 225 Decking was installed in Carnarvon to create this great new public space. As the decking would be installed in a high traffic area, with exposure to harsh sun, salt and moisture, it was important for the product used to be of a very high, durable quality.

Our 225mm decking is a heavy duty board and is designed to tackle the elements and high traffic loads without breaking, warping or damaging. Ideal for public spaces as it is low maintenance, the new PermaTimber® boardwalk in Carnarvon will continue to look great for decades to come.

PermaStruct® FRP Grating was also used to construct the fishing platforms and pontoons.