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Get Serious About Roof Safety

Roof Safety with PermaStruct®

Working on roofs is a dangerous profession, in any conditions. Add wind or rain and things get serious.


Metal walkways made from chequer plate or aluminium are very dangerous when wet, not to mention the natural rust and corrosion that creeps into these products with time, corroding their strength and creating a whole new safety risk. Now there is a product that provides nonslip safety in any conditions without the corrosion – PermaStruct® FRP Roof Walkway


Avoiding the roof in bad weather is not always avoidable – it might be the bad weather that has caused the maintenance issue in the first place – but it can be done safely.


FRP anti-slip roof walkways are proven to have extended durability whilst maintaining slip resistance inthe rain and wintery conditions. The angular quartz grit embedded into these walkways provide some of the highest slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, even when wet, icy or oily. They provide a flat, dry, and safe access.


Easy to cut, FRP walkways can be made to measure, or cut on site. Fibreglass roof walkways have a long lifespan and need very little maintenance, making it an economical and reliable material.


Fibreglass antislip grating is perfect for flat roofs of all types including grooved of standing seam roofs. Double foot barriers reduce the weight and impact absorbed by ply roofs, and a 75mm high bearer lifts the walkways above the profiles. Fibreglass walkways are the ideal surface for gully covers, catwalks, access platforms, roof walkways, roof catwalks, and mezzanines. Fibreglass reinforced plastic is available in a variety of bright colours, giving you options for visibility and aesthetics.


When teamed with FRP handrails, you can create a 100% noncorrosive, safe, roof access system.


FRP handrails add further safety, are incredibly strong, but are much lighter than traditional materials such as steel. FRP handrails are noncorrosive, non conductive, lightweight and very economical. FRP handrails can be made to measure, and erected on site with simple hand tools.