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Designing Out Corrosion

Rust never sleeps, relentlessly eating its way through your company profits and costing the Australian economy an estimated $60 billion in 2014 alone.

But it’s not just rust, of course, with corrosion or rotting also wearing away at wood, aluminium, and concrete wherever it’s exposed to aggressive chemical laden environments and salt water.

Just take a look at the many ways corrosion is costing your business money:

Firstly there’s the cost of simply monitoring the condition of your buildings, structures, and equipment. Add to that the cost of repairing or replacing worn-out items, maintaining an inventory of replacement parts and the downtime costs when those parts are replaced.

Corrosion damage can cause expensive accidents and injuries to your staff as well as environmental damage. It can even kill. In the case of power stations and desalination plants, corrosion can also affect power and water supplies.

But it doesn’t end there, just think of the added cost and time of trying to design out that corrosion in the first place, with engineers adapting their designs to tackle the problem. It doesn’t matter whether they’re increasing the thickness of materials, designing sensors and systems to monitor the problem or creating protective mechanisms like coatings paints and sealants, it’s all costing you money – lots and lots of money.

So given the wasted time and the massive expense, doesn’t it make sense to simply design systems and equipment that aren’t prone to corrosion in the first place?

Well, you can do exactly that with PermaStruct® FRP Solutions. They’re the perfect replacement for vulnerable construction materials like timber, steel, aluminium and concrete because they don’t corrode and they don’t conduct electricity.

Engineers and architects have found PermaStruct®†materials the perfect answer for problem areas such as platforms, access stairs, boardwalks, marinas and wherever else that corrosion is a lifelong threat to structures. Clients have thanked Perma Composites® for designing functional and attractive structures that save money with increased lifespans, while never needing ongoing maintenance or repair.

The benefits don’t stop there. Because PermaStruct® is not electrically conductive there’s never a risk of electrocution during construction and maintenance, or of short circuits damaging expensive plant and equipment. There’s also no chance of sparks causing fires or explosions in volatile environments or of magnetic interference or electrolytic corrosion from stray currents.

PermaStruct® is rapidly becoming the natural choice for engineers dealing in challenging marine and utility industries such as water treatment plants. Because it never corrodes it offers massive savings in monitoring and maintenance. It’s also being used extensively in projects that include electrical infrastructure. Strong maintenance free cable trenches and ladders, for example, can be used perfectly safely near electrical equipment because it doesn’t conduct electricity.

Best of all, PermaStruct®†is easy to use because it can be designed and engineered into structures without major modification, providing a strong structural design that’s the equal of steel when properly engineered. Perma Composites®†can supply it in a range of profiles such. As I Beam, Channel, Angle, Box RHS, SHS, Flat and Tube sections. PermaStruct® grating and decking comes in a variety of styles, colours, and finishes including nonslip surfaces.