PermaStruct® RapidDeck is a low maintenance, modular FRP boardwalk, and walkway system.

PermaStruct® RapidDeck consists of an anti-slip walking surface, supported by a durable, but lightweight composite subframe. It can be quickly installed even in the most difficult and remote sites using the Diamond Pier footing system. As an added benefit there is no need for costly excavation and concrete pouring, saving on both cost and time.

PermaStruct® RapidDeck has been subjected to and passed rigorous Australian Standards testing by independent authorities and is compliant with AS1657 (Fixed Platforms & Walkways) and other related standards. This means you can specify PermaStruct® RapidDeck with absolute confidence.

PermaStruct® RapidDeck is available in a standard 3kPa pedestrian version and a more robust 5kPa version for light vehicle and heavy duty applications.

Sizes And Colours

PermaStruct® RapidDeck is available as a custom order item, please contact us for more information.

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