Compcrete Decking

Compcrete Decking

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– Low maintenance
– Up to 60% lighter than steel
– Corrosion resistant
– Non-conductive and metallic
– Slip-resistant

Simultaneously lightweight and high strength, PermaStruct® Compcrete is a decking alternative designed to replicate the look and feel of concrete or timber. Offering many benefits over traditional materials, PermaStruct® Compcrete Decking requires no ongoing maintenance.

PermaStruct® Compcrete Decking is ideal for use in a range of commercial applications. It is a unique decking alternative that can be custom made to suit your specifications.

Sizes & Colours

PermaStruct® Compcrete is a custom order item. Available in a range of colours and a variety of textures, contact us today for more information.

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