C Channel

C Channel

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– Low maintenance
– Up to 60% lighter than steel
– Corrosion resistant
– Non-conductive and metallic
– High strength
– Slip-resistant
– Long life span

PermaStruct® Structural Profiles represent a modernised progression in building technologies. These durable profiles are as strong as traditional materials but are light enough to be installed by hand.

Manufactured to any size, shape and colour, PermaStruct® Structural Profiles include the following…

PermaStruct® C Channel is available in a range of sizes as part of the structural profiles range.
– 203 x 56 x 9.5mm
– 152 x 43 x 9.5mm

PermaStruct® C Channel is also available in the sizes below for substructure:
– 90 x 53 x 6.0mm
– 155 x 53 x 6.3mm
– 250 x 63 x 6.3mm

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