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Truss Bridge

Truss Bridge

Product Description

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
Quick and easy to install, making it a cost-effective option over large built-up beam bridges.
Perfect for harsh environments.
Versatile in design, and can be custom manufactured to your requirements.

PermaStruct’s® FRP Composite Truss Bridge is a modular system for pedestrian bridges, work platforms, and footpaths, spanning up to 8 meters. Offering significant design and installation advantages, PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge features a higher strength to weight ratio than steel and has been certified to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge has been designed to suit a pedestrian loading of up to 5 KPA and a maximum width of 1.5m. The modular system spans up to 8 meters, and these 8 meter modules can also be repeated to create larger spans. PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge has been designed in accordance with AS5100, AS1657, and EURO COMP. The design can also be customised to suit specific installation or environmental requirements.

PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge is ideal for spanning small watercourses, gullies, and industrial sites due to its non-corrosive structure. 316 Stainless Steel Fixings are also used to further aid its durable nature.

PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge can be manufactured in either Isophthalic Polyester Resin or Vinyl Ester Resin depending on its intended use and environmental conditions. Isophthalic Resin is suitable for most locations, while Vinyl Ester Resub us available for acidic or alkaline industrial solutions.

PermaStruct® provides a variety of decking options to suit loading requirements, site conditions, and long term maintenance plans, these options include;

  • PermaStruct® FRP Standard Mesh – Ideal deck option for industrial bridges and decks.
  • PermaStruct® FRP Mini Mesh – Perfect for projects where drainage from the deck surface is required.
  • PermaStruct® FRP Micro Mesh – The strongest of the mesh options due to its small hole size and thick load bars.
  • PermaTimber® 146 Heavy Grain Decking – A stunning composite timber option.
  • PermaStruct® Compcrete Decking – Ideal for projects that require minimal exposure to the ground beneath the deck and where aesthetics us a key requirement.

PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge base design has an existing truss barrier and a standard top rail, however, a number of various handrail systems are normally incorporated with it, this includes;

Aluminium – PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge can use aluminium infill panels in its design. The advantage of using aluminium is that it maintains the strength of the overall structure and non-corrosive properties, whilst also blending in smoothly with the FRP. It is also relatively quick to install. Stainless Steel – PermaStruct’s® Composite Truss Bridge can also utilise stainless steel wires in its designs. The advantages of this are similar to the aluminium, with PermaStruct® FRP Square Handrail used as stanchions.

Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry