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Provisions for adequate drainage and ventilation must be made along with the installation of a waterproof membrane/system before the PermaTimber® Cladding is installed.

Only approved PermaTimber® Decking fixings can be used.

No, PermaTimber® has not been engineered to be a load-bearing or structural member.

It couldn’t be any easier! You will simply need to clean PermaTimber® products with warm soapy water when required.

No, standard woodworking tools are all that are necessary.

Absolutely! For homes on or near the ocean, PermaTimber® is the ideal solution. It won’t rust or corrode like traditional materials.

PermaTimber® has been designed and engineered to meet the most stringent demands. Contact our team if you have a unique application and we will advise of the suitability.

With recommended cleaning, PermaTimber® will provide years of enjoyment in comparison to pressure-treated timber which is subject to rot and deterioration after a few years.

No, thanks to its machined textural finish, PermaTimber® is slip-resistant.

PermaTimber® Decking is sold in standard 5.4m lengths, but custom lengths are available upon request for quantities of 300m2 and above.

Of course! We will be able to send you samples in any of our standard colours, postage charges may apply.

Absolutely. PermaTimber® does not absorb water and has been used extensively near pools, spas and in marine environments around the world.

It is not necessary to oil or stain PermaTimber®, saving you thousands over the lifetime of the product. It is possible to stain PermaTimber® if you so choose, however, the stain is likely to fade and deteriorate many years before the product does.

You must allow for sufficient clearance under a deck and also the correct slope to ensure water and moisture doesn’t sit on the surface. The surfaces must also be free from drainpipes emptying out directly onto the surface.

To ensure an authentic timber appearance, PermaTimber® contains wood fibres. Mould and mildew can grow on PermaTimber® if not stored correctly and when exposed to high moisture and/or sweats under the plastic packaging. Failure to keep packs dry when stored can lead to mould spores appearing and growing on the product. The product must be thoroughly washed, cleaned and scrubbed removing all mould and mould spores. A product called ‘Wet & Forget’ works very well in this situation, for further information visit

Stains that are not removed promptly may linger on the surface of PermaTimber®. The good news is most stains can be avoided by washing with water shortly after they occur.

Stains or marks may even disappear just by exposure to rain after a few weeks. Extra stubborn marks can be removed with a pressure washer or light sanding if necessary.

You can view our care guide here.

PermaTimber® can be painted, however, the paint will not last anywhere near as long as the product so, depending on the type of paint, will need to be regularly re-painted.

Talk to us about custom colours for large projects here.

PermaTimber® will expand and contract slightly with changes in atmospheric temperatures. Provided correct installation procedures have been followed, this does not present any problems. Please see the installation instructions here.

PermaTimber® can be scratched, in the same manner as natural timber, however, unlike other composites on the market, scratches in the surface of PermaTimber® can be sanded away.

Any material will become warm to the touch in the middle of an Australian summer. PermaTimber® will heat up at a similar rate to natural timber; ie. hotter than grass, but not as hot as paving, metal or concrete.

QuickBoard™ should be fixed onto ceiling joints, no greater than 600mm centres. When fixing we suggest Needlepoint 8g x 13mm Screws, 6g Screws or equivalent, and Heavy Duty PVC Adhesive. The Adhesive must stick to PVC and must be elastomeric/flexible.

It is recommended to fix screws at a maximum of 600mm apart when installing QuickBoard™.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no current product that is viable to be used on a garage door, due to garage doors having a weight restriction of 11kg/sqm, which none of our cladding meets.

However, we are in the development stage of producing a cladding that will be within this weight restriction so make sure to follow us on our social media to keep up to date when this new cladding becomes available!

Yes! No! Maybe? It really depends on what your ceiling is made of, as our PermaTimber® Cladding may be too heavy for it. If your ceiling is made of Fibrous Plaster or Gypsum Plaster, our cladding will be too heavy. However, if your ceiling is made of Lime Plaster, a solid timber frame or even Portland Cement Plaster, congratulations! PermaTimber cladding should be good to go!

Gypsum Plaster can be applicable only if you are using our CX Original Cladding, rather than our Castellated version, as the Original Cladding is slightly lighter.

The Warranty period for our product is a 10 year period commencing from the date of purchase if all following points in the installation guide are adhered to and all guidelines depending on the product are met. You can download a copy of the Perma Composites warranty here.

At this point, we only have two products that are BAL-rated, the 146 BAL Heavy Grain Decking and the BAL 19 CX Cladding. For more information, head to our products tab and choose between decking or cladding.

A frame must be in place when installing QuickBoard™. This frame must have at least 600mm spacing between the battens to fix it according to our installation guide (which can be found under the Resources section).

As far as Gyprock, the product itself is not strong enough to hold the QuickBoard™, so the screws when installing QuickBoard™ must go through the Gyprock into the ceiling frame. If the Gyprock is too thick, we suggest making a new frame on top of the Gyprock to ensure that the QuickBoard™ will not collapse.

QuickBoard™ should not be installed where it’s subject to direct or reflective sunlight, or where rainy weather could affect it. For these projects, we recommend our PermaTimber® CX Cladding, which looks similar to both of our QuickBoard™ products.


The Warranty period for our product is a 10 year period commencing from the date of purchase if all following points in the installation guide are adhered to and all guidelines depending on the product are met. You can download a copy of the Perma Composites warranty here.

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