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Roof Walkway | RMIT University

RMIT University required safe roof access for a building on campus. Faced with some unusual design challenges, PermaStruct® was able to provide a unique and safe solution. 

A clear path for roof access was of high importance to the staff at RMIT University in Melbourne, Victoria. The roof was used regularly used by staff and students to push trolleys between buildings and they required a safe solution that allowed for easy access.

The project had some unique design challenges, which included the following…

  • The building had a membrane roof which could not be pierced in any way.
  • The roof was covered in gravel which created a dangerous trip hazard if allowed to spill onto the walkway.
  • A smooth surface was required to easily push the trolleys across.

Taking into account these design factors, PermaStruct® customised their standard roof walkway system to best suit the application.

Instead of using PermaStruct® 15mm Standard Grating, which is typically used for roof walkway, PermaStruct® Mini Mesh was used. The smaller mesh size provided a surface that was still anti-slip and safe to walk on but also allowed for the trolleys to be wheeled across the surface comfortably.

The PermaStruct® Mini Mesh was then installed onto an angle frame, which was designed to stand proud of the top surface and act as a sub-frame. The angled frame provided a barrier for the gravel and also meant that the membrane roof was not pierced or damaged.

Overall the project was a great success! Discover more about PermaStruct® Roof Walkway here.