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Pontoon | City Of Rockingham

PermaStruct® provides a custom solution to the City of Rockingham for their latest swimming pontoon.  

The City of Rockingham Shire were familiar with the many benefits of FRP over traditional materials; however, also wanted to create a pontoon that was eye-catching and unique to their coast.

PermaStruct® FRP can be manufactured in a wide range of custom RAL colours and thus were able to offer the City of Rockingham a bespoke marine grating solution for the project. Taking into account the clients requirements for an eye-catching and unique design, PermaStruct® supplied their FRP Grating in a bright blue colour.

To save the client money and time on site, the PermaStruct® FRP Grating was also supplied pre-cut to size. This reduced installation time as the panels were easily installed and no heavy machinery or onsite cutting was required.

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