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FRP Handrails | International Safety Solutions

PermaStruct® was approached by International Safety Solutions (ISS), a leading supplier of safety guarding solutions, to solve a client’s conductivity issues with regards to their hand-railing system and supplied an FRP handrail alternative.

The client had searched for 2 years for a suitable solution to eliminate the risk of electric shock to personnel working within their locomotive maintenance sheds. PermaStruct® was approached to develop a non-conductive FRP handrail, as a safer alternative to traditional steel / metallic handrail.

A major issue was the residual 25,000-volt locomotive power created on the existing aluminium handrail system. By combining the new non-conductive PermaStruct® FRP Handrailing system with the ISS ‘BLH Stop drop’ barricading system the problem and risk of electrocution was eliminated.

PermaStruct® FRP Handrails were delivered in component form, which made it easy to assemble on site – ensuring critical measurements and requirements were not missed. The approach taken by ISS in sourcing PermaStruct® FRP Handrail components to mount their dropped object guarding has positively impacted their client’s workplace safety.

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