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AS1657:2013 Compliant Handrail

PermaStruct® FRP Handrail is now compliant with the latest revision of Australian Standard AS1657-2013.

The innovative, PermaStruct® FRP Handrail system is designed to provide safe, easy access on platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders. Manufactured purely from FRP, it is non-conductive and will not corrode like traditional materials.

The PermaStruct® FRP Handrail system previously achieved certification to AS1657-1992, however, a revision to the standard was released in 2013.

The new AS1657-2013 standard focuses on greater safety for personnel who need to access spaces for operating, inspection, maintenance and servicing purposes. With the releases of the revision, the decision was made to re-test the PermaStruct® FRP Handrail system.

After rigorous testing, the PermaStruct® FRP Handrail system achieved compliance with AS1657-2013 by offering superb load-bearing capacity and being high strength.

When specifying or purchasing a handrail system be sure to double check that the certification is to the latest revision AS1657-2013, not to the earlier, outdated AS1657-1992 revision.

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