Feel like your living room is lacking a certain charm that sets it apart from other living rooms? Or are you just bored of all the wall being one uniform colour throughout the whole room? Well, QuickBoard™ Castellated is here to help you out! Featuring a unique four rib profile, QuickBoard™ Castellated can instantly transform any room and be sure to turn heads in the process.

The two projects spotlighted in this blog post feature our QuickBoard™ Castellated transforming two living room spaces, showing off how well our product looks!

QuickBoard™ Castellated in French Oak

QuickBoard™ Castellated in Light Ash

QuickBoard™ Castellated is low in maintenance, all you have to do is install it, and forget it! Speaking about installing, QuickBoard™ Castellated is super DIY Friendly, meaning anyone can do it! With it being super simple to install, most projects only take a couple of hours until complete, so if you have an internal wall or ceiling that you think can do with a makeover, you can finish that by today!

Best of all, QuickBoard™ Castellated is a quarter of the price of traditional timber, all while giving the same look! Our QuickBoard™ range comes in a range of different profiles and colours, to see which one is right for your house, you can find more information on our website here.


Photos provided by Dare Building Pty Ltd. Thanks guys!

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