We’re just crazy about QuickBoard™, that’s all. QuickBoard™ Frenzy, QuickBoard™ Fever, QuickBoard™ Mania. Whatever you call it, our passion for QuickBoard™ is only rivaled by our love for other products. But each time someone asks about our QuickBoard™, One of their biggest questions is: “What colour is the best?”


Well, we have no idea! All of them? Each one has their benefits, it really does depend on the ceiling you are trying to fix it to. Here are a couple of projects that are made with our QuickBoard™ products, but we always did think, what if?


What if they wanted a lighter room and chose Arctic White? What if they wanted a sleek “French Oak” look? What if they really do want a timber look-a-like, isn’t Light Ash the best? What if the room is cozy, wouldn’t Tasmanian Oak be great? Well lucky for us, we have the answers! These spotlighted projects have been edited with each quarter showcasing a different colour of our QuickBoard™ Library, yet we still don’t know which is best. It’s completely up to you!

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