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What is Composite Timber Decking?

Composite timber decking is rapidly growing in popularity because it offers the look of natural timber without the associated weathering, continued upkeep, and maintenance issues.

But what is composite timber? As the name implies, it is made from a number of elements, typically wood fibres, plastics (such as recycled plastic bags and bottles) and binders.

Are all Composite Timbers the Same?

No, not all are the same! Composite timbers vary in their composition and are made up of different types of wood fibres and plastics. Think of composite timber like a cake, each type has its own special recipe.

The wood fibres in composite timber can be hardwood, rice husk or even saw dust with the type and quality of wood fibre used affecting the durability and overall quality of the composite decking.

The plastic component of composite timber can be either HPDE and or PVC. HPDE is a softer plastic whereas PVC is a harder plastic, with each type offering its own unique benefits.

Because composite timber decking is man-made,  there are also different methods of manufacturing the product. Some types of decking are composed with different layers, whereas, others have their colour and composition uniform through the entirety of the product.

Why Choose PermaTimber®?

Now that you’re a composite timber expert, it’s time to learn more about our high-quality PermaTimber composite timber.

Here a few special features that set PermaTimber composite decking apart from other products on the market…

  • PermaTimber is made using quality reclaimed hardwoods, offering high performance and durability.
  • PermaTimber is made using recycled high-quality HPDE, which means it’s good for the environment.
  • PermaTimber contains UV inhibitors and additives that take into account the harsh Australian climate, this means colour holds and looks fantastic for life.
  • PermaTimber is manufactured with a uniform composition throughout the decking boards. It does not have a coating which can delaminate or scratch off. This also means you can easily sand out scratches or stains.

Our high-quality PermaTimber composite timber is also available in various cladding, screening, and bespoke profiles.

Want to learn more about how composite timber is made? Our friendly team is happy to answer any and all of your questions. Simple email or call 08 6147 5091 for more!