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Polypropylene Sheeting – Heavy Duty has a new look!

Perma Composites are proud to introduce a new material on the market, our heavy duty Polypropylene Sheeting and Polypropylene Grating!

Ever needed a material so strong in can withold a forklift being ridden on top of it, or a horses hoof at full force being kicked to the material, and not even showing a scratch? Our Polypropylene Sheeting can do all of this and more, giving a whole new level to “Heavy Duty”.

PermaStruct® is proud to introduce our brand new Polypropylene Sheeting and Polypropylene Grating, a Waterproof and UV resistant material that can be used as an alternative to 19mm Marine Ply.

Our custom order Polypropylene Sheeting comes in black 2400mm x 1200mm x 15mm sheets, and can be used to withstand large forces being acted on it, making it perfect for construction, marine and even for lining horse stables to make sure the horses don’t break the walls and escape.

If shelving is more your forte, our Polypropylene Grating can be used in order to hold heavy loads, up to 500kg, on top of it. 

Both Heavy Duty, both Waterproof and UV resistant, both Available right now!


For more information feel free to contact us at or call 1300 366 938.