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PermaTimber® Eco Cladding Wins Over Investors

This gorgeous apartment establishment is the latest benefactor of all the perks of PermaTimber® Eco Cladding.

Built by Solking using our Amalfi Eco Cladding, the complex features 10 modern apartments on George Street in Melbourne, Victoria.

The initial brief from the architect was to use fibre cement weatherboard however Charley Scoleri, director of Solking and also an investor in the apartment complex, knew the pitfalls of fibre cement weatherboard and wanted to sidestep this financial landmine.

As Charley was to keep and maintain 50% of the complex he wanted to avoid laying a product that would require ongoing, expensive and timely maintenance such as painting, oiling and staining. Our Eco Cladding fulfilled this requirement, as well as providing great longevity and durability.

“It was of utmost importance that I found an alternative to fibre cement weatherboard because my client did not want to be stuck with either the hassle of painting the apartments regularly or the cost of outsourcing that. PermaTimber is prefinished and requires no painting or oiling. Also as the owner of the complex wanted to market the project as a maintenance free this was a huge consideration. PermaTimber were able to give us great service and a fantastic product. I found them great to deal with and they really knew their product and its capabilities well. 

When I presented PermaTimber® Eco Cladding to the other investors, they agreed with the need to reduce ongoing costs and more importantly liked the look and finish of the product. 

PermaTimber® Eco Cladding was easy to install, looks fantastic and I will definitely be using it on my next project. “

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