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PermaTimber® and PermaStruct®… working on their strengths together!

Check out these new bridges that were constructed by Perma Composites for the City of Swan in Wesetern Australia. These bridges were made from both Permastruct® FRP Substrates and PermaTimber® 225 Decking and look stunning.

Our PermaTimber® 225 Decking looks exactly like natural timber, without the need to worry about white ants and associated maintenance, so these bridges will look great for years! PermaTimber® 225 Decking has a non-slip surface as well, preventing incidents that may happen on these bridges from rainfall or stream splashback. Our Permastruct® FRP Substrates are fire resistant with a high strength to weight ratio, obtaining comparative or better performance than regular timber. Construction was also easy, making it perfect for both the novice and experienced DIYer to use in their household!