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PermaTimber® and PermaStruct®… working on their strengths together (The Sequel of The Sequel)!

One Project that is currently being completed is in the Wetlands of Ellenbrook, Western Australia. Using both our PermaTimber® 146 Heavy Grain Decking in Walnut and our PermaStruct® PC 155mm x 53mm channel FRP Subframe, two paths were bridged together through Wetlands.

Our PermaTimber® 146 Decking looks exactly like natural timber, but is better in so many ways! It is Non-slip, making it perfect for swampy wetlands, low maintenance, making staining and painting your deck and thing of the past and pest resistant, meaning no stress about termites! The decking also has two different finishes, being a heavy wood grain (that this project chose to use), and a smooth sanded finish. Our PermaStruct® FRP Subframe is low maintenance, lightweight, non-conductive and corrosion resistant, making it a perfect match for these two products to be used together! Our FRP Subframe can also bear very heavy loads, no matter the harsh weather or the hectic foot traffic!