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CX Original Cladding or CX Castellated Cladding… That is the Question….

When choosing a PermaTimber® Cladding option to fit your house, you always come to the question, well, which one will look nicer? When it comes to our CX range, there are two completely different profiles to choose from! Both with pros and cons, it is a nightmare to figure out which is which!

Well this house in the Sunshine Coast, QLD, has the answer! Incorporating both CX Original Cladding in Tasmanian Oak on the top floor, and installing CX Castellated Cladding in the same colour on the ground floor, not needing to choose the best option! The end result is fantastic as the cladding is both similar and completely different at the same time, creating a sense of harmony throughout the exterior, as well as distinguishing the floors in their own separate entity.

Guess the answer to the best PermaTimber® CX Cladding option is both, together!