Heading over to Duncan Street in Maroubra NSW, a brand new dream home was constructed using a range of PermaTimber® products. This project used our 146 Heavy Grain in French Oak for the balcony, and our CX Castellated Cladding in Tasmanian Oak being installed on the front door, external wall / roof of the balcony and the garage door that was made to withstand the heavy weight of the cladding. 

The end result is super dreamy, giving a new definition of a “dream home”. With it being super close to the beach, the light brown of the Tasmanian Oak cladding and the calm grey of the French Oak decking really does give the vibe of relaxation throughout the whole home.

A huge thankyou to On Top Building and Project Management who were tasked to install the job, and Blue Lagoon Timbers who supplied the boards of cladding and decking, it really is a project that everyone involved should be super proud about!

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