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Start with Perma Composites®.
Unique projects will follow.

Create something beautiful, picture design easily and build projects faster with Perma Composites® composite solutions for better.

We’ve been making waves in the building and construction industry for over 10 years, but who’s counting?

PermaTimber® and PermaStruct® products are the top choice for customers seeking an alternative to traditional building materials.

Combining the beauty of timber with the simplicity of composite materials. With an easy installation system and composite material designed to stand the test of time, it’s super simple to work with. Achieve sleek and stylish by installing a beautifully finished wood composite that needs minimal upkeep.

The 21st-century alternative for clever grating and decking. Design and build projects with low maintenance and durable composite FRP materials to build something that lasts.

Why build with Perma Composites®?

Products that stand the test of time

Perma Composites products are in it for the long run. Super durable and made to last.

Low maintenance

Perma Composites materials are designed to withstand the harsh elements with little to no touch-ups.

Beautifully finished

Perma Composites materials are sleekly finished for a stylish look.

Easy installation

Quick and simple install with an easy-to-work-with system.

Do the Maths!

With just a few clicks, our calculators will give you accurate estimates of the quantities and trims for a decking, cladding or quickboard install.