Exclusive distributors of PermaStruct™ FRP and PermaTimber™ Composites.

Australasia’s No.1 for FRP and Timber Composites

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Better By Design

Perma Composites™ takes a consultancy approach to solving clients’ challenges. By understanding the issues faced by our customers, Perma Composites™ are able to draw on years of expertise to create innovative, unique and low maintenance solutions.

Perma Composites™ provides custom FRP (PermaStruct™) and Timber Composites (PermaTimber™) to projects around the world. Our customers operate in Mining, Construction, Utilities, Building, Architecture and Marine Industries throughout Australasia.    

Discover how Perma Composites™ can deliver bespoke solutions for your next project. Explore PermaStruct™ and PermaTimber™ today or contact us directly here.