When people are upgrading their outdoor patio deiling or internal feature wall with the QuickBoard™ treatment, a big question comes to their mind: “What profile should I use?”. And that certainly is a difficult option, so much so that the Williams Group has recently renovated their showroom to help people with that question.

QuickBoard™ Castellated is an attention grabber, you enter a room and it’s the first thing you see, a great centrepiecefor any home. However, QuickBoard™ V-Joint look exactly like timber, requires no clips, and is also super cost effective. Which profile should be chosen? And what colour?! It can be a nightmare to make the right decision!

Heading over to the Williams Group Display Centre, they did the best of both worlds, showing their internal ceiling with QuickBoard™ V-Joint and installing their external ceiling with QuickBoard™ Castellated, allowing people to choose which one they prefer better out of the two vastly different profiles.

Best of all, both QuickBoard™’s are in French Oak, allowing people to really see the difference in profiles. However, there is one problem with this, as they both look so good, we now want both!

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