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Fall in love with DriftBoard™ Ceiling and Internal Wall Lining

Create a stunning feature wall in hours with DriftBoard™ Ceiling and Internal Wall Lining range by PermaTimber®.

Available in two lengths and four different colours, it is a brilliant alternative to traditional linings offering all the beauty of timber, at a fraction of the cost, all while looking exactly like traditional timber. Quick and simple to install with adhesive backing strips to fix onto your wall, DriftBoard™ is perfect for any DIY project to transform your house. Each coloured board is unique, meaning no patterns will form on your feature wall and cheapen the aesthetic. Before buying make sure to check the install guide to see if DriftBoard™ is right for your project.

DriftBoard™, The Perfect DIY Project!

DriftBoard™ looks exactly like traditional timber, with differeing grains and knots, but is better in countless ways. DriftBoard™ is perfect for ceilings, interior walls, and patio / alfresco lining. Made from a light-weight PVC, DriftBoard™ is quick and easy to install. Best of all, each coloured board is unique with grains and knots, allowing no repition between each board you buy!

Before buying check the install guide to make sure DriftBoard™ is suitable for your project.

Contact us via email to find out more about our composite timber range or simply call us today on 1300 366 938.

Available in both 1.2m and 2.4m lengths

Easily stick onto the wall, and Forget!

Each DriftBoard™ back panel has an adhesive tape for you to fix onto the wall. It’s as simple as just sticking it and forgetting about it! Best of all, you will not need to worry about flipping the DriftBoard™ to get a differing pattern each board, as each coloured board is unique in grain and knots, adding more to the illusion of it being natural timber!

Please Note: Due to potential batch variation it is not recommended to mix different lengths of DriftBoard™ in the same area of installation. Contact your local distributor for availability.

Colour Range

Why Choose DriftBoard™ Ceiling & Internal Wall Lining?

Stick and Forget

Easy adhesive backing to fix onto walls for installation!

A DIYer's Dream

Got a wall that needs more colour? DriftBoard™ is DIY friendly!

Unique Styling

All coloured boards are uniquely different. Not one board is the same!

Quick & easy to install

Thanks to our simple custom fixings system.

Cost Effective

No need to break the bank!

Low maintenance

No staining, painting or oiling, and scratches sand easily out.


No oiling, painting, or staining required

Insect Resistant

Never fear white ants or termites again.

Peace of Mind

PermaComposites® are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 for quality and also ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety.

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