Are you in a bushfire prone area, or around a huge field of bush? These suburbs usually have a BAL rating for each of the houses, meaning that for material to be used on the housing, it needs to meet a specific set of criteria to not act as a fuel if ever a fire were to come around. This means that your options for products becomes more condensed, especially with wood products, as wood is a great fuel for any fire to spread. Luckily for you, both or decking and cladding are available in BAL ratings, meaning that you can purchase with no stress of this being fuel for the fire. Our products are made of a wood plastic composite material, but looks just like traditional timber!

Below we have a slideshow of a recent job that was completed with our BAL19 CX Original Cladding in Tasmanian Oak. Located in the Woodlea Estate in Victoria, our BAL rated cladding has all the same benefits as or CX Cladding, as well as it not acting as fuel for any fire, and looking fantastic for years on end!

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